It has finally happened, the Legend has been Reborn, on the 5th of February, Suzuki finally Pulled off the covers of the 3rd Gen Suzuki Hayabusa. When Suzuki teased it a few days ago, it shook the Motorcycle world and I guess you won’t be surprised that it took the market.

When It first came out in 1998 it broke the land speed record set by a Production motorcycle, it did more than 300Kmph, beating the Honda Blackbird by a significant margin.

10 years later, in 2008 it got an update, and the 2nd Generation Hayabusa finally hit the line, on the design front, and it’s Understandable because that iconic Bubbly shape has a Fanbase of Millions around the world, and if we talk about Functionality, the Design has been tested in Wind tunnels, it’s one of the most aerodynamics motorcycle designs.

Some people hate that design, I love it but you can’t deny the fact that the Hayabusa changed the Motorcycle industry once and for all.

Now coming back to the 3rd generation Hayabusa, we will start from the engine, because that is the heart of the machine.

The Power number stands at 188 Bhp at 9,700 Rpm and a peak torque output of 150 Nm. If you would have noticed carefully, the numbers have got a Drop and however disappointing it might seem to be, we can’t change it, why?? Because Emission rules are becoming strict with each day passing on and thus the engine power and torque usually take a big hit.

The same has happened with the Hayabusa but it’s the speed king it was before, that’s what Suzuki is claiming with the 3rd generation.

Suzuki has done a couple of changes to the engine, they have tried to make the engine lighter while keeping the performance numbers the same, they have also given special importance to the Durability and the reliability of the engine and this time they have added in some new features as well that’s going to make the riding experience even more fun.

The next thing is the Chassis, we all know the importance of the chassis, it’s basically the skeleton of a vehicle and in a motorcycle like the Hayabusa, it’s requires a more precise level of engineering because the Hayabusa being a sports tourer has to ensure giving maximum comfort to the rider and the engine it has is quite huge, so the vibrations are huge as well and thus it’s very challenging in a motorcycle like the Hayabusa to strike a perfect balance between the rider comfort and the vibrations.

There is a relation between these two and it’s inversely proportional, more the vibrations, lesser the comfort, lesser the vibrations, more the comfort.

And the Chassis has been made in a way to absorb all the Bad roads and bumps that you accidentally might come across because the Hayabusa is meant to be a go-anywhere tourer.

Now, when you have a Bike that weighs 264 kgs (which by the way is 5kgs less than the previous generation) and has performance levels in the vicinity of challenging supercars, you have to have good brakes and the Brembo Style on the 3rd Generation Hayabusa are just the perfect fit. Their design has been changed and the diameter has gone up from 310 mm to 320 mm which ultimately means better cooling of brakes.

Another area where the Hayabusa successfully manages to shed some weight is in the tires and the wheels, the tires are now tubeless and the wheels are proper alloys, so the Hayabusa not only get better shoes, it got leaner as well!

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