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Have you ever ridden a Monster?? No, I am not talking about Riding an Actual Monster, I am talking about the Monster on Two wheels and this Monster has got some serious class as well, cause it’s Italian.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about one of the most agile bikes money can buy. The Ducati Monster, I was already a big fan of it, because of its aggressive stance and its muscular looks, and with the 2021 Monster, it has gone to the next level.

Talking from the design point of view, I have a few things to say, it still looks very Ducati but it has lost some muscle, seems like the Monster forgot to hit the Gym, the LED headlight gives it a modern yet futuristic look but it would have looked better even the bike didn’t lose its muscular shape.

But, that’s the final design, we can’t do anything about it, it is what it is.

But we can’t judge the whole motorcycle, just on the basis of Design, can we, we have to have a look at the engine, the power, the torque, and other things as well to find the answer to the question, that whether this Monster is better than the Current generation or not.

The Biggest Change you might be seeing is that there is no numerical suffix in the name now, it’s just Monster, sounds cooler. But the biggest change in the Monster comes in the form of the new aluminum front frame which is inspired by the Ducati Panigale Monster.

This Frame is directly attached to the Engine and weighs just 3kgs, and guess What, in total it’s 4.5 kgs lighter than the previous monster’s trellis frame, well done Ducati.

But that’s just the weight savings from the from if we take into consideration the other areas from where the weight has been cut, the total weight savings come in at a total of 18kgs, which results in the Monster weighing just 168 Kgs dry, after putting in all the fuel and the necessary fluids, the weight comes at 188Kgs. Which is still light. Finish Podcast

Being lightweight helps the monster on being par with its rivals, such as the KTM duke 790/890, the Triumph street triple r, and the Yamaha MT-09.

But Weight loss isn’t the only thing that has got reduced on the Monster, in addition to it Ducati has also made small reductions to the wheelbase, rake, and trail, all of which are just going to take the agility of the Motorcycle to the Next level.

Since ride Quality is Very Important, the Suspension on the monster has been tweaked as well, the new Monster runs a non-adjustable 43mm USD Fork and a preload-adjustable mono-shock.

Since this is an Absolute monster to ride as well, the brakes on it need to be strong enough and I am happy to tell you, they just are, twin Brembo m4. 32 calipers up front provide great stopping power. And the Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 tires are going to provide you with an ample amount of traction.

Now let’s talk about what is at the heart of this monster because that is the only thing that will really matter in terms of making the bike faster.

Cause it is when you see the Bike in person is when you can really see the looks of the bike, because pictures don’t do justice, the however high quality they may be.

But none of this matter more than the price of the Monster, cause it’s the price that is going to give the monster a lead or a pull-down when stacking it up against its customers

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