Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Jeep this name is synonymous with toughness and ruggedness we all know the famous Wrangler, anywhere go off-road SUV which can go probably anywhere on earth, where there is land. This year Jeep has decided to enter the pickup truck segment with their all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator, the Gladiator shares many features and styling with Jeep Wrangler but the variant we are going to talk about today is the Rubicon variant that is the most off-road worthy Jeep variant. Starting from the exterior the most noticeable change is, of course, the bed attached to the Gladiator, 5-foot long bed and Jeep says that it can fit up to 94% of all motorcycles. Plus the wheelbase is longer in the Gladiator as compared to the Wrangler, the departure angle has been decreased compared to the Wrangler,break-over angle is also decent but this thing is one of the most off-road worthy pickup trucks. The best part about the gladiator is that it is 4 in one Vehicle. It's a pickup truck, it's an SUV, it's a family car and it is a convertible also. Because of these unique features and design language, this truck has already grown a huge fanbase before it’s launch. Talking about the off-road capability this truck comes standard with 33-inch tires and Jeep claims that the wheel arches are made such as that to accommodate larger 35-inch tires. So you don't need to make any changes to your gladiator to fit in the bigger tires. Jeep has said that the next year they will be launching the diesel version of this pickup truck. I am not saying that the petrol engine isn't good but the diesel engine suits this type of vehicle. The seat comfort is good both for the front and the back row passengers. There is an ample amount of legroom and headroom on offer. Under thigh support is also decent. To help the driver while off-roading Jeep has added a front camera on the grill of the Gladiator, plus it comes with a washer of its own. The attention to detail is so good that the light pod in the headlights Are in the shape of jeep’s front grill, how cool is That!. One of the coolest features I have ever seen on any vehicle is the fact that you can opt for a Bluetooth speaker with your jeep Gladiator and that speaker would have a compartment of its own behind the rear seats and it is portable like all the normal Bluetooth speakers. You even get a storage compartment under the rear seat. Plus there is space for keeping your nuts and bolts in place while removing the roof, removing the top of the Gladiator(hard Top) takes a maximum of 5 minutes, the camera even shows the alignment of wheels if you move then in any direction. The interior feels good and premium it doesn't feel too luxurious but is okay at this price point. The infotainment system works fine and you can opt for a larger 8.4-inch screen system from Jeep. The standard V6 engine is good but a diesel one would have upgraded the game. The payload and towing capacity are the best in class which is very good.

Now if you look at the Jeep Gladiator as a final product and as an overall package I think it is very good and Jeep has been successful in making a good product. But taking all the factors into consideration and the things that the Gladiator has to offer the Gladiator is worth every buck you pay for according to my personal opinion, And when taking the competitors into consideration The Gladiator stands ahead of all.


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