I have a question for you, what are the key elements in identifying a cayenne coupe, first of all, is the Iconic 911 Flyline then comes the Intriguing Porsche Active aerodynamics, PAA for short, then comes the lightweight sports packages. How about some contoured carbon fiber roof? 22 inches GT design wheels??

Porsche knows Sound is crucial so how about a Sports exhaust system? Talking about comfort 8-way adjustable sports seat with traditional upholstery is going to take your pleasing to the next level, the seats in the sports as well, carbon makes everything better and thus you can get a carbon interior package with the cayenne too, a Multifunction sports steering wheel is the ultimate thing one can desire as a Carguy and Porsche does give you the option. Power varies from 340Ps to 550PS excluding the Hybrid models of course and torque varies from 450 Nm to 770m.

Brakes are of the utmost importance and here is where the Porsche Ceramic Composite brake comes to the rescue by putting an instant leash onto the Car. But what if you are driving your Cayenne in the Night?? Well, My broskie Porsche got you covered with LED main headlights which are equipped with Matrix Beam, sounds like Some Star Wars shit is going on in here…

Driver Cabin?? Nahhh, Porsche calls it Advanced Cockpit and I agree with them because in what other SUV will you find such great luxury, comfort, and features?? If you know one, comment down below

Moreover, the heads-up display makes the Cayenne more ergonomically friendly, if you would like to have some nice sunshine coming in through your roof then the fixed glass roof with sunblind included will fulfill your wish.

Now Let’s talk about the Porsche Cayenne GTS, which is yet another performance variant that is gaining demand on the same level as that of the Cayenne turbo.

Now the reason why the Cayenne GTS is so much in demand is that it is the Car that bridges the Gap between the not so fast base Cayenne and the Fast Af Turbo model, it strikes the perfect balance, my friend.

With a Relatively powerful twin-turbo V8 engine under the hood that produces 453 Horsepower and 457 Pound ft. of torque the Cayenne GTS will do 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 5.7 seconds and will go on to do a top speed of 270 kmph which is so damn impressive for an SUV of its size

Apart from the performance the GTS also strikes a crazy balance in terms of luxury, and since it’s an SUV it can do the off-road pretty well too, starting with a Ground clearance of 480mm, bad roads don’t even stand a chance, and the off-road angles such as the approach, break over and the departure are enough to tell that the GTS isn’t just a One trick pony, it isn’t only fast AF but it’s capable of too.

Finally comes the King of em all, the One that seats above the Rest the Cayenne SE-Hybrid Coupe, this thing is a literal monster. It comes with a 7.2 Kilowatt Onboard Charger to aid you when you want to charge the batteries, it also has rear-wheel steering, so that you can have fun while cornering your 2.6 tonne SUV.

Music has is really important and Porsche takes it seriously and thus they provide Burmester 3D High-end Surround Sound System.

Now, this might seem Funny, but the Cayenne SE Hybrid coupe is more dynamic than some of the most expensive supercars and Hypercars out there, it’s Drag coefficient is 0.34 and all the credit goes to the Porsche Active Aerodynamics System.

With its twin-turbo v8 engine that’s combined with batteries and Motors together pushes out 680 Horsepower and 900 Nm of torque. Now I don’t know any other Super SUV except the Jeep Trackhawk that pushes out these Kinds of Numbers.

If someday you decide to be very nice to your neighbors and Not wake em up with your exhaust then you can Switch the Car into EV Mode and that will help you in sneaking in and out without disturbing anyone, in EV mode it has a range of 38-40 kilometers.

This SUV also happens to be a Moving Sofa on wheels and a Huge credit goes to the Adaptive air suspension for it, Torque Vectoring Plus ensures that an ample amount of torque is delivered to all wheels, my favorite bit on the external design happens to be the Acid Green brake calipers, they give that 918 Vibe and I love it.

The Dynamic Chassis control makes the Cayenne handle like a Proper Sportscar, For Long drives you also have the Porsche InnoDrive which includes adaptive cruise control, the Same nomenclature follows here as well as calling the Driver cabin a Cockpit.

Porsche Charging Services allow you to have the freedom of Charging your Cayenne wherever whenever!

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