Recently Pagani Launched the Huayra R and I have only one thing to say...... "We Love you, Mr. Horacio Pagani" The Whole Petrolhead Community bows down to you!!!!! After seeing and hearing the Pagani V12 R, the only thing I could think of saying was this: -

Few people need Petrol instead of Blood, Mr. Pagani is still one of them.

This isn't just a car, it's literally a piece of ART, Automotive ART!

When I heard the news of the development of the Huayra R, my biggest fear was that Pagani is going to launch it with a turbocharged engine but I was wrong and I have never been happier being wrong. The Customers were asked what would they prefer in a track-only version of the Huayra, twin-turbo, or Naturally aspirated, and as expected the latter got an overwhelming response. It has a magnificent 6.0 liter Naturally aspirated engine that has been named the Pagani V12 R.

And considering the size of the engine, it’s quite light, weighing at just 197.8 Kgs to be precise.

It all sounds good but you might be wondering what are the numbers? Well, take a seat first cause the numbers are going to give you a hard time thinking. It has 838 Horsepower that’s 18 more than the Aston Martin Vulcan, which I thought to be the wildest track-only car ever made.

Being a naturally aspirated engine, it has a higher redline, 9,000 to be precise. And as we all learned after watching Ford vs Ferrari, the Magic happens after 7,000 RPM, so you can only imagine what magic this machine packs 😉

Now, talking about acceleration numbers, Pagani hasn’t revealed them yet, neither has the top speed of the Huayra r has been revealed, and I understand why Pagani might have done this, they don’t want to give away all the hype at once.

Since this is a Track only car the most important that probably matters is the Downforce number, well the Huayra r generates over 1000Kgs of downforce at 320kmph! I know it would be hard for you to digest all these numbers at once, it was the same for me when they were revealed for the first time!

The Huayra is going to cost you 2.6 million euros plus tax and only 30 examples of this beauty will ever be made and as far as I am guessing, they are all already sold out! In 2021, instead of focusing on making as much profit as possible through making electric cars if a manufacturer like Pagani is making cars with Naturally aspirated V12 Engines along with timeless designs, you can be sure of the fact how much they love engines! When Pagani came out with the Zonda R, it was already Wild AF, this? Well, this is what I would call Wild Ultra Pro Max, whoever gets their hands on this one is going to be probably one of the luckiest people on the Planet! Because they don't make cars like these anymore, only a few manufacturers have the guts and the potential to do so and Pagani happens to be one of them!

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Till then


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