Ferrari's only road-going V12 model currently is the 812 Superfast. The 812 Superfast is a car, that's called the successor of the Ferrari f12, one of the greatest v12 cars of all time. But the 812 wasn't able to create an impact as large as its predecessor and there might be a few reasons for this: - First of all, the F12 was designed by Pininfarina, one of the best design firms out there! The 812 was designed by Ferrari designers themselves Secondly, the f12 had an exhaust note that can literally scare the hell out of anybody, the 812 on the other hand couldn't escape from the rules and regulations imposed by the government or should I say they couldn’t find a way to escape the regulations by being a little smart. Thus the 812's exhaust was filtered which ultimately lead to us not hearing that magnificent v12 engine in its full glory! But I trust that in the future when Ferrari comes out with the special version of the 812, they are going to improve upon all of this and make a legendary car like the f12 TDF once again!

Also, Lamborghini is going to launch two new V12 Cars this year but ever wondered what Ferrari is going to do? Another thing that I thought that I think Ferrari is going to do with its V12 engine is either they are going to preserve it or are they are going to launch a series of special limited edition cars with a V12 engine and pay the engine a homage. But the next step as of now would be a track-oriented version of the Ferrari 812 Superfast Ferrari is going to the same thing they did with the 599 and the F12, and here are my predictions of the 812 special version. It's going to have the same V12 engine with 40 more horsepower, so from 789 to about 829 Hp, it's going to be 100-110 Kgs lighter. It's going to have a faster acceleration than the 812 by about 0.1 or 0.2 seconds and t's going to have the same top speed and 812 units will ever be made, now let's see how accurate I am!

The car has been spotted a lot of time on the road, its test mules are camouflaged so that people don't recognize it, but some pictures were finally let out and we now have a 99 percent idea of what the 812 Versione Speciale is going to look like.

Ferrari might have thought they will successfully be able to hide the car with all the camouflage but its silhouette is too obvious to be mistaken for some other car and it's clear that in a few months we will be seeing the Ferrari 812 Versione Speciale on the roads. My Only wish for this car is that I want it to be as legendary as the Ferrari 599 GTOand the Ferrari F12 TDF, both of which can be regarded as the best V12 cars made by Ferrari in the 21st Century. This car is not only special for Ferrari, but for enthusiasts around the world cause, this might be the very last naturally aspirated on sale.

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